London Stock Exchange has agreed to consummate a deal worth of 27 billion with Refinitiv, in order to create the British financial information firm into a market data and analytics giant.

Photo Reuters

The creation of such a big company would compete in future with Bloomberg consider analytics.

The concluded deal followed a few month down the line after Blackstoneled consortium completed a leveraged buyout of Refinitiv from Thomson Reuters, triggering a bulk of U.S. private equity, which is awaited to double the amount of its investment, as it became known from a person, familiar with this deal.

The deal presupposes, as it was announced on Thursday, the 37 percent stake of LSE for Refinitive  shareholders with a condition of only up to 30 percent of the voting rights.

Noteworthy too, that the deal conclusion was confirmed after London Stock Exchanges report, which showed a 8 percent increase for the first part of the fiscal year up to 1.33 billion or 1.1 billion of UKs pounds.

LSEs shares soared by 4.89 percent on Thursday at 8.11 GMT.

One needs to wait now, whether this deal would be a subject to antitrust reviews in Europe and U.S. at these uncertain time with Britains unclear attempts of EU exit. Its important to remind, that an allied deal between LSE and Deutsche Boerse was blocked by EU competition regulators in 2017.