Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy (LON:FARN) said recent data from its phase I/II study will be the subject of a poster presentation at a world-leading cancer conference.

Clevegen is precision cancer immunotherapy and information from the MATINS trial will be showcased at the European Society of Medical Oncology Congress, in Barcelona from September 27.

Faron said it will release further information from the poster and discussion slides to coincide with the start of the official session during which it features.

Cancers under investigation by Faron include cutaneous melanoma, hepatobiliary/hepatocellular, pancreatic, ovarian and colorectal.

All are known to host a significant number of Clever-1 positive tumour associated macrophages, which the Faron drug targets.

Part I of the early-stage trial deals with tolerability, safety, and dose escalation, allowing researchers to optimise how much of the drug is administered to patients.

The first expansion phase of part II will assess colorectal cancer patients, while part III of this early-stage trial will focus directly on the efficacy of Clevegen.

The treatment, if successful, may ultimately be used as a standalone therapy or in combination with other immunotherapies such as PD-1 inhibitors.