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NetScientific PLC (LON:NSCI) hailed the “growing momentum” at portfolio company, PDS Biotechnology Corporation (Nasdaq:PDSB), as it plans to prioritise clinical development of its lead product as part of combination therapies targeting advanced cancers. 

Immuno-oncology specialist PDS made the decision on the back of promising phase-one clinical trial data for PDS0101, which showed regression of lesions in 60% of patients. 

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“Our intent is to continue to advance our previously announced combination studies with PDS0101 in various advanced HPV-associated cancers,” said Dr Frank Bedu-Addo, chief executive of PDS. 

“These phase 2 clinical studies are partnered with top leaders in the field.”

PDS also intend to “rapidly progress” three others products respectively targeting prostate and breast cancers, colon, lung, ovarian cancers and melanoma into human clinical trials in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.  

Many immunotherapies use checkpoint inhibitors, which “release the brakes” of the immune system to attack cancers. 

However, as these checkpoint inhibitors induce effective anti-tumor responses in only around 20% of patients that have been activated by cancer, PDS believe that its Versamune platform can promote induction of these tumor-specific cytolytic CD8+ killer T cells, which could greatly expand the number of people who could benefit. 

NetScientific CEO Ian Postlethwaite said: “As a shareholder in PDS, we continue to provide our support and look forward to hearing updates on the progress of PDS0101 in the future.”