Telit Communications PLC (LON:TCM) has added two new internet of things (IoT) modules to its brand portfolio that are aiming to help manufacturers address connectivity and battery life issues.

The IoT specialist said the two new Narrow Band-IoT modules offered the lowest power consumption for battery-driven applications, a feature it says will “optimise cost”, as well as being ideal for 2G and 4G mobile internet transmissions.

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Telit says the modules, which are scheduled to be shipped from the first quarter of 2020, will be useful for IoT devices that require low power consumption and broad coverage such as smart meters for electricity and gas as well as industrial sensors.

“We are launching two new modules to address some of the major challenges [original equipment manufacturers], integrators and device designers have been facing, particularly for connectivity and battery life”, said Telit chief executive Paolo Dal Pino.

“Our new modules dramatically increase the number of data points they can collect from their operations and customers via IoT devices. With IoT now possible at scale and cost, it makes many previously unviable deployments [return on investment] positive”, he added.

In late-afternoon trading on Monday, Telit’s shares were steady at 160p.