WTI $61.22 +29c, Brent $66.54 +37c, Diff -$5.32 +8c, NG $2.27 -1c

Oil price

Oil creeps higher, it may be around a dollar better on the week and in the absence of anything mad happening between now and the end of the month it will have turned out to be a pretty good year, certainly better than most of the scribblers predicted. The news that the trade deal is looking good with Phase 1 under way has pleased the Street and I have just watched Secretary Mnuchin being interviewed on CNN yesterday when he said that he was confident that the deal will be signed off in January.

So, with that hopefully in the bin CEO’s of our companies must be packing up the offices for the Christmas break with a confident 2020 vision, if not there is something wrong with them. Ending the year with Brent at around $67 must be way better than it felt starting the year when it was $52.

Hurricane Energy

Hurricane has appointed Beverley Smith as an Independent Non-Executive Director. With solid industry experience including BG I’m sure it will be a wise call and a further tick in the governance box…

Angus Energy

Angus has submitted its FDP to the OGA for the Saltfleetby Gas Field with a detailed presentation on the website. As a CPR is due to be completed in January 2020 they have not updated for volumes or cash flows but expect these to be at least as good as the presentation with more ‘granular’ figures can be given on the upside.

And finally…

This is likely to be the last blog of the year unless something big breaks when I will of course update. It just remains for me to thank all of the readers for bearing with all the foul-ups and wrong calls, all done with the very best of intentions I assure you!

So, I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and hope you have a prosperous New Year.