Medical imaging specialist Feedback PLC (LON:FDBK) Bleepa app is to be evaluated as a way for doctors who are self-isolating to carry on diagnosing and treating patients.

 Bleepa allows medical standard x-ray and CT scan images to be transmitted by mobile phone.

A pilot scheme was already underway at the Pennines NHS Trust for specific clinical applications, but with all NHS efforts now directed towards halting the spread of coronavirus Bleepa is being tested as a remote diagnostic and communications tool.

Tom Oakley, Feedback’s chief executive, said: “The coronavirus outbreak has created a unique and highly pressured situation for the NHS and other healthcare providers.

At this time it is vital that clinicians who may be forced to self-isolate are provided with a tool that will allow them to continue supporting care delivery to colleagues who remain on the frontline.

“Imaging is such a core component of delivering effective care that any remote working solution will need to deliver access to quality images and there is no better tool to do this than Bleepa.”

Feedback added that had also been selected for the Top 100 UK Digital Health Firms by Healthcare UK at the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Shares jumped 150% to 1.07p.