Summit Therapeutics PLC (NASDAQ:SMMT) said it had recruited 252 patients into its phase III trial for its c-difficile (CDI) treatment at the end of March, though the coronavirus outbreak has slowed enrolment.

The Ri-CoDIFy clinical trials are testing the superiority of Summit’s drug Ridinilazole over the current standard of care, Vancomycin, but because of the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, it has withdrawn the timeline for its completion.

Summit added that in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, employees are currently working remotely with its own laboratory facilities temporarily closed.

US infectious diseases agency BARDA is helping to fund the trial with a grant worth up to $72.5mln.

Losses for the eleven months to December were £22mln while the company had cash of £48.4mln at the end of the year.