Oneview Healthcare PLC (ASX:ONE) has launched a solution which has transformed daily hospital walking ‘rounds’ into virtual interactions, while connecting coronavirus (COVID-19) patients to their doctors, caregivers and family.

The Dublin, Ireland-based medical technology company has a breakthough product — Oneview Cloud for COVID-19 — which is very relevant in the current pandemic world. 

The cloud-based tablet allows patients to communicate with friends and family, and most importantly allows doctors and healthcare professionals to hold consultations with the patient and family members.

Additionally, the bedside tablet also provides a virtual translation service so that patients can communicate with clinicians without interpreters being physically present.

Faster, quicker and better

Oneview Healthcare’s team of software engineers and healthcare experts worked flat out in different time zones to launch the innovative solution in just two weeks.

“We met to brainstorm how we could help customers on March 19 and by April 3 we had the solution ready to launch,” Niall O’Neill, who is the chief product and strategy officer at Oneview Healthcare told Proactive.

“Seeing the crisis unfold and hearing the stories from the frontlines gave us a great sense of purpose. Our team put in a huge amount of effort, working relentlessly around the clock to deliver a solution. Thanks to our partnerships with Microsoft and Samsung, we were able to leverage their technologies to deliver the cloud-based tablet solution within an amazingly short time,” he added.

Despite the logistical challenges posed by the lockdown, the company ensured the Oneview Cloud for COVID-19 tablets arrived in NYU Langone Health’s facilities in New York on deadline.

“We had upwards of 25 people from our product, engineering, tech solutions and implementation teams working together. It was a significant collaboration across geographies and time zones,” said O’Neill.

“Furthermore, because of the shelter in place restrictions across the world, our teams were all working remotely,” he added.

Filling a need

According to the company, hospitals are having to rapidly adapt now to ensure they can deploy critical resources where they are needed the most and one of the big changes is to the regular rounds to check in on patients.

“Listening to our customers and hearing about personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages and hospital visitation restrictions, it was clear that hospitals were having the same problems, whether they were in the US, Australia or Ireland. There was an urgency to find solutions,” O’Neill said.

“Our solution enables virtual rounds, clinicians can video call into the patient’s room connecting seamlessly with the patient. It eliminates unnecessary exposure between clinicians and patients, preserving scarce PPE and ensuring clinicians are being deployed for critical clinical care,” he added.

When a patient is discharged, all their medical data is wiped from the tablet using Samsung’s Knox Security technology and then it is sanitised and readily made available for another patient.

The tablets also enable patients who are well enough to view entertainment content from Amazon Prime and Netflix, and educational information on COVID-19.

Strong demand

The company’s solution has potential in the US, Australian and Irish markets.

“The problems we are solving with this solution are universal. We are seeing interest from hospitals in all three regions from both private and public healthcare systems and from the aged care industry that have been devastated by the pandemic,” said O’Neill.

As demand ramps up, the company is confident it will be able to deliver the solution where it is needed most.

“Tablets are in high-demand as healthcare systems rush to deploy solutions. We have partnered with Samsung to deliver the solution, using Samsung Tab A tablets with Samsung Knox Security. We’re working closely with the Samsung teams in the US and Australia to secure inventory and ensure we can respond quickly to customer needs,” he added.

Oneview was founded by Irish businessman Mark McCloskey in 2007. The company works with leading healthcare organizations across the world to power personalized, exemplary care experiences using technology at the point of care.

The company has offices in Chicago, Dublin, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne.

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