SCB Group, the leading low carbon commodity broker, will provide prices for biofuels and ethanol for market data specialist Barchart’s cmdty pricing network as part of a new partnership.

SCB, which already provides market data to its own clients, will supply physical prices for these markets to the network via Barchart’s cmdtyView software, which is one of the most popular analytic solutions for commodity trading.

The prices will also be available through Barchart’s API data distribution platform, which serves the global commodity ecosystem.

Barchart said the company planned to grow the partnership with additional datasets later this year.

“SCB Data is a leading provider of independent, end-of-day and real-time price information in the low carbon commodity market,” says SCB chief executive officer Kevin McGeeney. 

“We are eager to partner with leading vendor Barchart and provide unbiased marks that help to promote market transparency, reduce risk and allow both new and existing participants to analyze these markets.”

Barchart’s head of strategy Keith Petersen added: “Partnering with a leader like SCB is a huge step forward in helping us expand Barchart’s reach within the global commodity ecosystem, and we’re excited to facilitate access to pricing from the market leader in physical ethanol and biofuels.”

SCB data is collected real-time and aggregated by the broker for clients to use for risk and compliance management, market analysis, contract benchmarking and portfolio investment.