What it does

Alqami is a specialist data consultancy, working with businesses to help them in the ‘data maturity’ journey.

This involves first assessing a client’s current data ecosystem, identifying any gaps and discovering new opportunities for how to use data.

Led by chief executive Samantha Campbell, Alqami’s self-stated mission is to “maximise the internal and external worth of data”, which is the most valuable commodity in the digital era and in all probability exceeds gold and silver in the value for the global economy.

The business was established in 2019 with a headquarters in London, an office in New York and global coverage via a network of partners.


What is data maturity 

Alongside an increase in the amount of data now available, there has also been an evolution in the knowledge of how to take and that data and make better decisions with it, says Alqemi’s head of business development David Riley.

“Using data to really make decisions around how you manage your company and what you do on a day-to-day basis, you can really generate a lot of insight into your clients, your customers, as well as what you need to do to increase your sales.”

The evolution of the banking sector is a good example of this ‘data maturity’.

“Traditional banks have collected a lot of data but it’s stored in different silos across the business and they’re not making the best use of it.

“But you now have a new bunch of challenger banks coming in that are fully built on the data, they are built on very quick decision making about that data.

“So when you look at the tradition bank to the challenger bank, there’s a journey that one has to go on in terms of being able to utilise the data fully and really maximise the data as a core element of your business strategy.”


What’s happening

In May, Alqami agreed a global data distribution partnership with New York-based Althub, where the pair will provide investors with new alternative data sources and an investment edge.

Under this partnership, both firms will leverage their existing data provider and data buyer networks to accelerate growth of the international alternative data marketplace.

Alqami CEO Samantha Campbell said: “Access to AltHub’s network offers our data provider clients broader distribution reach to alternative data buyers, predominantly throughout Northern America. This partnership also means we can bring a broader range and new alternative data products to our demand client’s globally.

“We see huge potential in our partnership and combining resources to share the opportunity that exists in this space”