Directa Plus PLC (LON:DCTA) is looking to target the filtration market after designing a face mask with strong antiviral properties.

Italian scientists have confirmed its Co-Mask, which incorporates the company’s G+ technology, can significantly reduce the incidence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus generating COVID-19.

READ: Directa Plus says strong antiviral properties of its Co-Mask have been confirmed by scientists

In the words of chief executive Giulio Cesareo, it can fight against the virus causing coronavirus.

With the report by the Catholic University and Gemelli Hospital in Rome coming soon, the graphene company is looking at its options.

The masks have been on sale online since June, but Cesareo and his team are also discussing distribution deals with potential partners in the EU, UK and US.

Directa’s supply chain has capacity to produce 50,000-100,000 masks per day.

G+ graphene solutions are also non-toxic and environmentally sustainable, overcoming the health and other problems associated with current ion-metal or halogen treatments.

“Most of the other masks are currently not able to inactivate the virus but they are able to just decrease the probability of infection by reducing the droplets that are passing through the mask,” Cesareo told Proactive.

“Our chief technical officer Laura Rizzi and our sales director Alessandra Bambini did an incredible job in inventing on one side the product, and on the other side have been working very, very hard in designing the filtering properties, the proper material for the filter and everything needed to reach this fantastic result.”

But it’s not all about the masks: the project was triggered by the opportunity to design a new fitting system to drastically reduce bacteria and kill virus, with potential applications in cars and buildings.

“Everybody hopes that the masks will be utilised for a very short time but this is a solid and continuous business opportunity in the vertical area of air conditioning.”