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Gaining official approval will not be the last hurdle potential COVID-19 vaccines need to get through.

According to Deutsche Bank, many people may not be willing to get the injection while the issue may get political in some countries.

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Many are not willing to receive jabs, which would hinder efforts to curb the virus, although a survey on 5,500 people across Europe, UK and US conducted by the German bank shows most participants are happy to be vaccinated.

Analysts cited a survey noting that over three-quarters of Americans worry the vaccine approval process is being driven by politics.

With the US elections coming up in early November, approvals risk to become politicised.

“Most vaccines plan to be (if not already) available for emergency use this autumn so we will likely hear feedback on effectiveness within weeks,” the bank said.

“This could create a very interesting political dynamic ahead of the US election. A roll-out announcement may boost Mr Trump but any move is likely to be highly politicised which may impact its early success.”