Archer Materials Ltd (ASX:AXE) (OTCMKTS:ARRXF) (FRA:38A) continues to make progress with patent applications for its 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor chip and has received First Office Actions (FOAs) from the Patent Offices of the US, China and Australia.

Receipt of the FOAs is a key step in the process for the grant of a patent in the administering jurisdiction.

International patent applications (IPAs) associated with the 12CQ chip have been lodged in six jurisdictions including Korea, Europe and Hong Kong. 

The European and Korean IPAs have progressed in the substantive examination procedures since October 2020, and more recently the Korean IPA, following the granting of the patent in Japan. 

Archer Materials received its IPA in Japan in January 2021, the first granted patent for the 12CQ chip. 

The patent gives the company access to the high-value Japanese market – a top-five global economy – for the 12CQ chip.

The company will continue to release key progress in its patent prosecution to ASX.

Prosecution process

Archer Materials has also accelerated the prosecution process and procedures of IPAs where possible, including filing a program for accelerated prosecution of European patent applications (PACE) request with the European Patent Office and accessing review programs in the Republic of Korea.

12CQ Chip 

12CQ is a world-first qubit processor chip technology that Archer aims to build for quantum computing operation at room-temperature and integration onboard modern electronic devices.