I don’t even know how to describe the ups and down of the last 3 weeks in my life – it’s been a volatile ride like one of those crazy shares that never makes any money that people buy.

Frankly I am still struggling and feeling annoyed at myself. And the back industry. After reading the book “Crooked” my eyes were opened.

An email came in from reader Iain which literally changed everything and has taken me down a new path. He had lower back pain too and had gone down the same route : injections, pills, private docs who said they could fix it all but couldn’t.

Before Iain’s message I was already suspicious of the back pain industry and the billions it makes and so wish I had done some more research before having two useless steroid injections.

Having done a lot of reading I even wonder if I had a needless hip op too. Did I REALLY need it or was I just giving the consultant another 5k for his retirement fund. 

Iain awakened me to something I had not considered yet despite my growing fear I had made terrible mistakes in just trusting private medics and going along with everything they suggested.

Here’s what I discovered. A lot of people recover from pain (whether back or neck or RSI or whatever) without any need for injections, pills and operations.

I found out on the mri scans I had slipped discs. The docs say hey no problem, injections will fix it without telling you they probably won’t.

After my two unsuccessful ones I thought is the pain really coming from the discs? How can they be and then I discovered:

The pain probably isn’t coming from any discs at all! It is coming from MY BRAIN!  

I also discovered most people have bulging discs at my age yet get no pain from them.

Thanks to Iain I discovered TMS – Tension Myositis Syndrome.

The essence of it is the constant pain, wherever it is, is caused not by any structural physical defect but from the brain.

The brain is giving out pain signals to distract you from your own emotional pain, stress etc.

This then leads to fear which causes the brain to initiate pain.

The pain comes from bad past experiences such as bad childhood (that is me folks), and can be triggered by stressful events which produce fear – in my case the aftermath of a hip op when I panicked every day I was never going to walk again.

Once some people realise it is the brain, nothing physical is wrong and they are safe the pain can start to recede.

I decided I need some extra help as I had a terrible childhood with lots of pent up emotion so about to do some hypnotherapy with someone who has been helping people with TMS for many years.

Others like me have to work at convincing the unconscious brain (the bastard!) before the pain can leave.

A few steps you have to take: stop any physical therapy because that convinces the brain you are getting treatment because something is wrong physically. Write every day about everything that is annoying you now, in the past, and your own personality and really go for it, swear like mad! Watch videos about it, Dan Buglio is great. 

And trying to conquer fear of getting active. I’ve started up a bit of gradual swimming and I managed 7 lengths today.

If YOU think your current pain may not really be from a physical problem and you would like to consider you could have TMS, read Dr Sarno’s book first “Healing Back Pain”. There is also a movie on Amazon Prime “All The Rage – saved by Sarno.” It has my favourite comedian Larry David in it who had TMS.

Right now my brain is fighting itself! I have to get my conscious brain to get it through that I am Ok.

So I have five counselling sessions coming up, so hoping for the best. It is going to take a lot of effort to convince myself there is nothing much wrong structurally and that in effect I have to calm my over stressed nervous system.

I hate to say this but I am going to anyway! I am really sorry The Duke of Edinburgh died, he has had an amazing life and no doubt he was an amazing man.

But – I tend to struggle with endless days of the same topic on the tv and radio and you literally couldn’t get away from it.

He had a fantastic innings but I feel I don’t need to know anymore or want to hear anymore from everyone all about him. 


Are these bad feelings? Should I be paying rapt attention? He died so there is surely only a certain amount that can be said, the same stuff over and over again.

To stop all bbc channels from showing anything except HRH was a bit bizarre surely the shows could have been put on bbc2 instead. Well, nowadays we have netflix and amazon prime, thank goodness.

I honestly am not interested much in the funeral but hopefully this time it won’t be wall to wall. OK you can all go out again, meet friends, celebrate good times, come on!

But I do wonder if the end of lockdown might also spell anxiety for some. I have to go out again? But I liked staying in. I have to talk to people, make expressions, look like I’m interested in whatever it is they were saying. What was that – sorry low attention span. Hey I was great and funny on Twitter and Instagram, but I have to meet you for real?

Hang on, do I have any friends left, does anyone want to meet? Hello. Anyone there?

Line of Duty (****)

Still a lot of whining from critics but seems to me to be one of the best dramas around and the action has started to motor after a slow start. 

There is all the usual drama and tension and Ted got a massive shock more “Mother of Gods” than ever. I am sure most of us are now well into it and can’t wait for the next instalment.

Palm Springs (****)Amazon Prime

A great little movie with similarities to Groundhog Day. Lots of fun as the same wedding gets repeated day after day.

Some brilliant and genuinely funny moments combined with a little “so what is life all about” stuff.

Intruder (??) CH5

This goes into the so bad it is good territory – you could switch off after some pretty bad acting and ridiculous plotting. Or you could enjoy it on the basis of it is so crazy it actually provides a lot of entertainment. 

It seems to be based in London yet the house appears to be by the sea? The cost of the course compared to likely salaries? Etc, etc. So it is either one star or five..

The Mauritanian (****) (Amazon)

The movie of the true story of a man who ended up in Guantanamo Bay, tortured and held for more than a decade without any charges ever made against him.

Very well done, harrowing at times as a pro bono lawyer spends years trying to bring his case to trial. 

There’s a big row in the world of Scrabble which wants to stop allowing words with racist connotations.

Some say it’s just a word and no racism intended. I think they should just be allowed.

The main thing is my favourite word – yes the bad one which starts with a C is still allowed.

. It’s always fun to play it especially if you are annoyed at the person you are playing with.

And it’s a handy way of getting rid of the hard to play C and U. 

Scrabble once ended a relationship of mine, I was 80 points down with hardly any letters left and found a 7 letter word right on a treble to win.

She chucked the whole game on the floor and that was the last I saw of her!

(She obviously thought I was a (that word).

Research has revealed men get more excited when watching football than having sex. Ladies, I suggest taking a yellow card, a red card, and a whistle into the bedroom to get him going.

But remind him not such a good idea to shout “Goal” at a certain point.

 Or even worse “Get in”. 

Markets continue to be extremely confident.

When markets rise like this there is the fear a sudden massive drop is around the corner and all the nice gains will be eradicated. If you feel this way there is nothing wrong with banking a bit of profit.

As pretty much everything is going up it becomes harder to find value opportunities and given the portfolio is making great gains I haven’t actively looked for that much new.

I thought about looking around for anything that hadn’t kept up but something that maybe should have and Spirent (SPT) came to mind and I picked up a few.

When I say it hasn’t kept up it hasn’t done especially badly. It is in a number of tech areas including testing and performance and has plenty of decent income streams.

It isn’t cheap by any means but given a bright future there is an argument for a higher rating and also the chance of it being bought, Directors have been buying. It also has been using its cash well acquiring others, most recently OctoScope.

For me a continued isa tuckaway for hopefully with patience, some nice rises ahead.

One we spent some time discussing at the last online seminar was INCE and I have bought a few.

It’s a lawyers group – a lot of these have come onto the market recently and more to come and despite some good rises it still looks cheap.

Compared to for example RBG Group. It trades on a much lower multiple though debt is a bit higher.

Work for these companies is expected to soar as lockdowns come to an end and potentially here there is another 30pc upside potential.

I was debating waiting for some share price weakness before buying in and there is also the always annoying “why didn’t I buy it lower” syndrome. Also there is a trading statement due shortly, always risky buying ahead of those as shares can go down even if the statement is good before rising again.

Broker I found on research-tree is positive on recent new banking arrangements and good signs found from it taking on new partners.

So overall looks in a good place and again, another with patience that could pay off.      

Another I was waiting to buy after the online seminar was Eco Animal Healthcare (LON:EAH).

I tend to hesitate to buy shares on a high rating like this one as any disappointment can lead to a big drop.

But the animal healthcare market is just getting bigger and bigger- this one makes and develops animal healthcare products across the globe.

According to management it is trading well above expectations and the real excitement coming from China.

It is doing especially well there with massive demand for its flagship product.

So even given its high rating there could be a lot more to come and results in June I suspect will be really good.

Brokers on research-tree reckon it is the top pick in the vet pharma space on both valuation and growth considerations. (If you want a 20c discount on the broker notes go to research-tree.com set up free account and click upgrade then put nakedtrader into the promo code).

Hey guys, like, I totally couldn’t resist buying more Totally (LON:TLY) after its like,

Totally great trading statement.

Like, when I went on insta and tock tick and like, wow, I told my followers this share, like totally rocks, dudes. Like, everything was just great and I said: “you guys have gotta buy these I mean, like forget Gamestop, man, this is it! Like totally.

Get onto the robbinthepoor app and of course tradefornothingyeahrightsuckers and copymeandlose and get, like, press that buy app! Just maxx out those cards!

Though like, someone ticktocked me and said some oldie naked trade guy or something had some and like, that guy sucks- the stuff he buys never goes up 3000pc in a day. He’s that guy who like, pays commission what a loser.

Remember follow me, hashtag justbuysh1t . Hey and use my promo code “bitcon” to get five totally free bitcons with every trade!

I added a bit of a tiddler into the isa after sticking a few in the high risk sipp recently

Finncap. LON:FCAP

It is having a great time, it’s one of those horrible small cap market makers some of you see on level 2 under “FCAP” – but there is so much share action at the mo and now have small amounts in both isa and sipp.

Doesn’t look too expensive even after some rises. However it is a hold for probably 8-12 weeks as when the party is over (which can’t be too far off)

Robbie! What the hell – you bought something with “metal” in the title you hypocrite you say in your books never!!

Ok I know but occasionally I go for a trading range share (we try and find one or two at the online seminar and so I have bought some Polymetal (POLY) for a quick one (ask mrs nt about that, I think three minutes is good going)  It has great support at 1400 so I bought above there for a quickish trade aiming for 1600! 

What’s it do? I dunno – something about poly and metals I can never work these things out but it’s not going bust, the rating is low and so I ought to get my bounce.

I’ve just started to do a little topslicing on some of the bigger winners. That means just selling a few just to stick a few gains away. After all paper profits look very nice but it ain’t real money till it is banked! Also the big winners tend to start being too top heavy in the portfolio.

Begbies has had a nice run and as I have quite few I topsliced for the website that is one of the positions sold for a profit of £1,540.

My short term Halma idea worked a treat and bagged profits of £688. (In real life it was a lot more as it was short term it was done as a bigger leveraged spreadbet).

I lobbed out a bit of my large Cmc holding for a website profit of £1,530.

And with another bid for Gamesys looking a bit less likely I banked the profits which for the website is £4,130 .(Over £45,000 for me personally in spreadbets).

It has been a sensational couple of weeks for the portfolio with lots of massive gains pushing my isa totals over £2 million. Last time this happened I withdrew quite a bit to help buy property.

 We are currently thinking of using some of the money to do this as it is nice to be diversified and I am fully invested in premium bonds!  

When you are lucky enough to trade large amounts even small falls and rises can push totals up or down £100,000 in short time. I usually think: “You only really have half this money in case the market tanks.” And paper profits are well, still paper until some are banked.

Adding heavily to profits are some great statements. pushing up some of my shares.

Yesterday K3C (LON:K3C) put out a stunning ahead of expectations statement. So did Qinetic.

I reckon on that report K3C could run up to 450p and Qinetic to 400p.

And of course Totally’s statement was great. Today the turn of an ahead of statement from Volex and lots of positives from Entain.

Some massive gains from recent buys include Gattaca (more than 70pc) and way to go Luceco has jumped and literally climbs every day.

My little short in Bitcoin was stopped out for a loss of £300. Serves me right for dealing in something I know nothing about.

All of these probably have more gains to come while the market is serene. Well who knows how long this very decent market will continue. While doubtless there will be dark skies ahead for the mo the market is pumping money in and there are some very good company results coming out.

Looks like the bull market has further to go then…let’s all try and make sure when the last jenga piece gets pulled we are out before it collapses…


 The next email will be May 6th with all news of trades that come up at the seminar.