Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled its EQS electric car, dubbed a “Tesla killer” in some circles.

The EQS is at the top of the Mercedes electric car range and will compete with the Tesla Model S as well as models Mercedes’s fellow German car makers, such as Audi’s e-tron and Porsche’s Taycan.

Although the company has finally taken the covers off after months of teasers and trailers, it has yet to announce when they will go on sale, other than to say the cars will be available for purchase sometime this year.

Reports indicate that the model’s driving range will extend to almost 480 miles, although as with all electric vehicles, the upper limit of the driving range only applies in perfect circumstances, e.g. no lights on, no heating on, no windows open, no radio playing, no burning up the Essex boy racer in the outside lane of the motorway.

Mercedes claims the car is the world’s most aerodynamic (production line) car. The EQS has a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.20, beating the Cd rating of the next two best models, which both happen to be made by Mercedes as well – the A-class saloon and the S-class limo.