Alta Zinc Ltd (ASX:AZI) (FRA:8EE) continues to be encouraged by exploration at Gorno Project in northern Italy with multiple high-grade zinc and lead intersections, along with silver, received from drilling the Ponente area of the Gorno Mine.

Holes POD05 to POD11 within the Ponente area have returned results of up to 10.4 metres at 12.6% zinc and 2.3% lead (14.9% zinc+lead) and 30 g/t silver with additional mineralisation in the floor.

Mineralisation extended

This drilling has extended the thick and high-grade mineralisation 100 metres to the east of the initial drill pad A, also 80 metres to the north and 45 metres south of pad B.

Several of the holes started in mineralisation in the sidewalls of the development drives and, where appropriate for reporting purposes, channel sampling of this mineralisation has been aggregated with the drill hole intercepts to give a resultant total thickness.

The mineralisation appears to be a shallow dipping lens of variable thickness with the recent drill intersections suggesting a true thickness between 4.5 metres and 10 metres.

“Continuous lens of mineralisation”

Managing director Geraint Harris said: “Drilling from the first four locations of the Ponente drill campaign has consistently intersected mineralisation defining what appears to be a continuous lens of mineralisation over a broad lateral footprint.

“It is also pleasing that we have continued to hit considerable thicknesses of mineralisation at good grades after stepping out 100 metres from the first drill pad and I am confident that this new mineralisation will add to our mineral inventory at Gorno.

“Drilling continues to extend mineralisation to the east, south and north and we look forward to keeping the market informed of our exciting progress.”

High-grade results

At Pad B (POD08 to POD10) and Pad D (POD11) a combination of horizontal and positive angled drill holes variously intersected the same mineralised lens, with POD11 returning the 10.4-metre intersection that included 3.8 metres at 27.3% zinc, 5.1% lead and 59 g/t silver.

At pad C, POD06 intersected 4.8 metres of mineralisation extending the mineralisation some 80 metres to the northeast of pad A.

Another encouraging result was 7 metres at 4.9% zinc and 0.8% lead (5.7% zinc+lead) and 25 g/t silver aggregated from intersections in drill hole POD10 and sidewall channel sample POCH10.

Steady news flow ahead

Although core recovery through the mineralised lens in holes POD05 and POD07 was very low with no samples recovered, the mineralisation remains open in all directions, both to the northeast towards the historical ‘sludge’ drilling and to the southeast.

The down-dip mineralisation intersected by drill holes POD03 and POD08 is open to the south and historical information and geological interpretation indicates that mineralisation is contiguous with the north of the Zorzone mineral resource.

Drilling continues simultaneously at Ponente and Pian Bracca South, with these activities expected to produce steady newsflow over the coming months.