Euro Manganese Ltd (ASX:EMN) (CVE:EMN) (OTCMKTS:EUMNF) (FRA:E06) president and chief executive officer Marco Romero has outlined the company’s commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) at the Chvaletice Manganese Project in the Czech Republic.

In an interview with TMX Group’s Monica Hamm as part of its C-Suite at the Open series, Romero said the company’s plan entails reprocessing the waste from a decommissioned mine that operated between 1951 and 1975 to produce high purity manganese for Europe’s fast-growing electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery industries, as well as other high-technology applications.

Environmental benefits

Romero noted that the Chvaletice project is not a mine – it is a recycling project that comes with significant environmental benefits.

“It feels great to contribute to producing materials needed for electric vehicles,” said Romero, “but there are many other aspects of the project that make it quite unique – one of them is, as we reprocess this waste, we remove most of the metals out of it and when we return it to site to a reclaimed condition we expect to leave it in far better condition than it is today.”

He said that another unique aspect of the project is the amount of water that would be recycled on-site – “In fact, Euro Manganese does not expect to release any water. We have a closed circuit. The water that we will actually use will be polluted water and will not be clean, fresh water.”

Community engagement

With nine villages surrounding the project site, Romero said the company has taken great care to engage with those communities and incorporate their feedback into the design.

“Our team has spent a large amount of time listening to their concerns, fears or suggestions that they have for the project, or even for the future use of the site.”